China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation (CNHTC), also known as Sinotruk, is a major manufacturer of heavy trucks in China. One of the key components of its trucks is the fuel system. Sinotruk’s fuel systems are designed to provide reliable performance and fuel efficiency while meeting stringent emission standards. The system includes the fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel injectors and fuel filter.

1: Fuel tank application models and characteristics

The fuel tank is suitable for a variety of heavy duty trucks including HOWO, HOWO A7 and STEYR models. Tanks are available in different sizes and models such as square, oval and D-shaped tanks to suit different types of chassis and cab configurations. The tank body is made of high-quality steel, which is durable, rust-proof and leak-proof.

2: Fuel pump application models and characteristics

The fuel pump draws fuel from the tank and delivers it to the injectors, which atomize the fuel into a fine mist that is sprayed into the engine for combustion. Fuel Pumps – Supports a variety of heavy duty truck applications. These fuel pumps are designed to provide reliable and efficient fuel delivery to the engines of vehicles such as HOWO, STEYR and HOWO A7 trucks. Fuel pump models include QHD-60, QHD-80, QHD-100 and QHD-120 with different flow and pressure ratings to suit different engine and vehicle requirements. The fuel pump is made of high-quality materials and adopts advanced technology, including intelligent control system, precision machining and protection measures to ensure safe operation.

3: Injector application models and characteristics

Sinotruk offers a wide range of fuel injectors that are compatible with different heavy duty truck models. These injectors are designed to provide reliable, efficient fuel delivery to the engines that power the HOWO, STEYR and HOWO A7 trucks. Injector models include QHD-60, QHD-80, QHD-100 and QHD-120, which are available in different flow and pressure ratings to meet the requirements of different vehicles and engines.

4: Sinotruk fuel filter application models and characteristics

The Sinotruk fuel filter(VG1540080311) removes any impurities or contaminants from the fuel, ensuring only clean fuel reaches the engine. Fuel filters, including HOWO, STEYR and HOWO A7 models.

Fuel filters have different specifications, the following are different specifications and characteristics.

(1) Q646, Q5000 and Q13016, designed to effectively remove impurities and ensure a clean fuel system.

(2) Q646 and Q5000 are high-pressure fuel filters, suitable for HOWO T7H, Steyr King and other models

(3) Q13016 is a common rail fuel filter for HOWO A7 models. These fuel filters are highly reliable and provide efficient and consistent fuel filtration to optimize engine performance and minimize maintenance costs.

Fuel system maintenance and repair

The main parts of the fuel system include fuel pump and fuel filter. The following are the maintenance and repair steps of the fuel pump and fuel filter.

  1. Proper maintenance and repair of the fuel pump of a diesel engine is very important to ensure reliable and efficient engine performance.

Regular maintenance, including checking for leaks, checking the pump for wear or damage, and cleaning the fuel filter and lines.

(1) When the fuel pump needs repair or replacement, it is recommended to consult a certified mechanic or service center to prevent any potential damage to the engine.

(2) During fuel pump repair, a professional will typically disassemble the pump, thoroughly clean it, replace worn or damaged parts, and then reassemble the pump to factory specifications. This helps ensure reliable fuel delivery, efficient combustion and optimum engine performance.

  1. Proper maintenance of fuel filters is essential to ensure the longevity and efficient operation of diesel engines. Regular maintenance includes inspecting the fuel filter for wear and damage, replacing it if necessary, and cleaning the filter housing to prevent contamination of the fuel system.

(1) When replacing the fuel filter, be sure to use only genuine parts recommended by CNHTC to ensure proper installation and normal operation. Shut off the engine and disconnect all electrical connections to the fuel system.

(2) After replacing the filter, check whether there is any leakage in the fuel line. Sinotruk recommends a regular fuel filter maintenance schedule, the frequency of which depends on the vehicle type and driving conditions. Consult your CNHTC owner’s manual or consult a certified mechanic for recommended maintenance intervals and procedures for your vehicle.

In conclusion, Sinotruk is firmly committed to developing and implementing advanced, efficient and reliable fuel system technology for its heavy trucks. The company’s research and development and cooperation with the world’s top suppliers and institutions ensure that Sinotruk is always at the forefront of industry innovation and sustainable development. We are committed to providing customers with safe, high-quality and environmentally friendly products to meet their diverse needs and challenges and create value for global customers.

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